Why Donal Conn AssociatesWe recognize that you have many options when it comes to Global HR Talent Management and B2B Sales and Marketing. That’s why our programs and solutions are fine-tuned to fit your specific unmet needs or growth scenarios. Although we have developed strategies that are proven effective in the market, our focus is always on you and your specific challenges. With decades of success delivering rock-solid programs, we’ve come to recognize several opportunities where we eliminate pain and increase productivity and efficiency.


Your company is going through a global merger or reorganization:
Effectively integrate a new cultural entity on the team.

Your infrastructure is requiring more of your staff to interact across cultures:
Increase the cultural agility and sensitivities of your employees and leaders.

There is a cultural disconnect between your headquarters and other global office locations:
Develop global talent management strategies that are effective and resonate around the world.

You are migrating your talent development functions into a global shared-services model:
Reorganize existing systems and content into a cohesive enterprise-wide format.

You are planning to launch a new talent initiative or global learning program:
Roll-out mission-critical plans efficiently, sensitively and effectively across your global footprint.

Your in-house resources have reached their effective limits:
Solve the challenges with us and develop strategies for the future.


You have new products coming to market:
Develop a value-based sales and marketing plan with DCA.

Your current value propositions are unclear or ill-defined:
We’ll help you determine how to position the product in the market.

Your offerings are received with varying success with prospective customers:
Our behavioral market segmentation tools will help you target the most viable and profitable niches.

You are experiencing margin share or price erosion:
DCA can help defend your position with real and sustainable account management strategies.

Your R&D product pipeline is not aligned with emerging market trends:
Our experience with market-back product development is your solution.