Our Global Learning Programs

Global Learning ProgramsImprove international business operations on a global level with a variety of proprietary learning programs. These strategies are directed towards professionals, leaders, teams, human resource professionals and B2B sales and marketing.

Cultural Adaptation of Content

Cultural Content AdaptationA common story: the in-house learning program designed at your headquarters was a success when delivered locally, but the same program wasn’t received well when delivered abroad. There are many reasons this can happen, but often the root cause is the same.

HR Consulting Services and Speaking Engagements

HR Consulting Services and Speaking EngagementsWe provide Talent Management and Development consulting services in Global Curricula / Content Review, Establishing / Centralizing A Global Learning Function, Culture-Neutral Global Talent Management Strategies and Cross-Cultural Conflict Management / Team Building. Donal Conn is frequently invited to share his experience at leadership conventions and sales conferences as a keynote speaker.

B2B Sales and Marketing

B2B Sales and MarketingWhen shaping the marketing strategy for your product, don’t twist it into a question mark. Donal Conn Associates addresses the most pressing real-world challenges facing today’s business-to-business suppliers. We have developed solutions for successful companies and organizations on our roster that, in their diverse markets, continue to grow and thrive.