Donal Conn Associates provides Talent Management, Development Consulting Services and Keynote Addresses in the following areas of concentration:


If your organization is like many others, you already have a lot of learning content internally. Volume is not your issue; it’s quality control and continuity of your curricula. Maybe your organization has been built through acquisitions and mergers. Perhaps you’ve repeatedly restructured your business units. Regardless the cause, your now have a sea of learning programs to sift through and structure. Some programs may be overlapping and redundant while others simply have outdated content. And many were designed for a specific audience and now are being used in other areas of your business or in another culture without appropriate adaptation.

If your learning and development programs and curricula are in need of a strategic overhaul, contact Donal Conn Associates. As a former Chief Learning Officer of multiple billion-dollar global organizations, Donal has won multiple awards for his strategic approach to curricula management.

Establishing / Centralizing A Global Learning Function

It’s time. Your organization is ready to create an enterprise-wide learning function. Maybe you’ve had multiple departments previously addressing specific business units and you now want to centralize them into a cohesive function. Or perhaps, your organization has grown or gone through recent changes and you are starting a corporate university from scratch. Either way, there’s now a lot of work to be done. You need to launch a learning management system, establish policies and procedures, hire or cross-train a network of trainers and subject matter experts, establish internal metrics, procure and manage a budget, get approvals from various local works councils and unions, brand and communicate your capabilities and programs to your associates in multiple languages and cultures, and the list goes on. Where should you begin?

The task can be daunting. Don’t panic, we can help. Donal Conn has started multiple award-winning global enterprise Corporate Universities from scratch. His experiences in doing so, both the successes and failures, can help your new organization be successful as well.

Culture-Neutral Global Talent Management Strategies

Designing consistent talent management programs that are successful across cultures and countries is extraordinarily challenging. The perspectives and values of men and women around the world vary greatly on work-life balance, compensation and benefit expectations, and the role of an ideal leader – just to name a few. It stands to reason that the same talent management program that is viewed as successful in one culture may be ineffective in another.

More often than not, talent management programs such as the performance review process, succession planning, job postings, mentorships, internships, and talent mobility programs must be designed with some local flexibility to adapt to local cultural norms to be universally successful. Before you design and implement your next enterprise global talent management program, contact Donal Conn Associates. We can help you understand the varying cultural expectations around the world to better navigate the many challenges that come with global talent management.

Cross-Cultural Conflict Management/ Team Building

It can happen in most any workplace. Differences and misunderstandings from two distinct cultural groups clash creating an ‘us versus them’ dynamic.

Our extensive cross-cultural experience at Donal Conn Associates allows us to provide a unique approach to help address these unfortunate workplace situations. Utilizing seasoned facilitators from our extensive network of local cultural experts, we offer conflict management services that can include sub-team and cross-team workshops and group activities, one-on-one leadership and executive consulting and 360 degree cross-cultural feedback tools in any of 14 different local languages.

Keynotes & Speaking engagements

Donal Conn is frequently invited to share his experiences as a keynote speaker at industry conventions and company leadership and sales conferences for audiences ranging in size from 10 to 10,000.

If you have an upcoming event and would like to consider Donal as a keynote speaker, please contact us at the information below.