B2B Sales and Marketing ConsultingWhen shaping the marketing strategy for your product, don’t twist it into a question mark. Donal Conn Associates addresses the most pressing real-world challenges facing today’s business-to-business suppliers. We have developed solutions for successful companies and organizations on our roster that, in their diverse markets, continue to grow and thrive.

If your value propositions are unclear and confusing, you don’t stand a chance penetrating the market. Customers have choices. Don’t let the market dictate what your product is worth to them. Take charge of sales and hammer that value message into every touch point along the way.

Develop a behavior-based market segmentation strategy that is easy to roll-out, yet addresses the nuances that effect each facet of your clientele. One size does not fit all when it comes to unmet needs. Craft a plan to address diverse demands while keeping your brand intact.

Execute these and other strategies effectively, and you will carve out your space in the market where you clearly have the competitive advantage. Whether through our workshops or direct consultation, you will walk away with solutions that are immediately applicable to your current sales and marketing needs and plans for growth.


• Market-back new product strategies with R&D
• R&D pipeline portfolio management
• Customer behavior-based market segmentation
• Voice-of-Customer gathering and applications
• Segment and customer-specific value propositions
• Total economic value calculations
• Global key account management techniques
• New product market penetration and migration paths
• Value-based pricing strategies
• Differential messaging sales strategies
• Sales and marketing talent skill assessments
• Alignment of commercial compensation with growth strategies